New this year, the cycling movie arrives in the Canadian village. This project, which is the result of a partnership with EDF Penly, consists in setting up bicycles available to the public to produce the electricity needed for the projection of short films. These short films, selected in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada, are divided into two programs:

Wednesday 21 March
14h00 : Program 1
15h30: Program 2
17h00: Program 1

Thursday 22 March 
14h00 : Program 1
15h45 : Program 2


Programm 1


Duration : 14 min
Director : Asinnajaq
Genre : Animation
Plot :  This experimental film uses archival plans and animation to show 3000 years of Inuit culture in three chapters: past, present and future.

La version de l'ours

Duration : 4 min
Director : Jonathan Wright
Genre : Animation
Plot : A sufficient colonial explorer landed from a sailboat and planted a flag in the Arctic ice under the stunned eye of an Inuit hunter. The explorer planted a second flag, then a third and another one, while the hunter, obviously not impressed by the "discovery" of this territory, quietly resumed his activities. 

Le Bouffe-pétrole

Duration : 5 min
Director : Denis Poulin
Genre : Animation
Plot :  Short animated film proposing a reflection on the conservation of our natural resources and our environment. Scientists employed by a multinational corporation create a new life form to rid the seas of oil pollution. This living organism, called petroleum-eating, is responsible for the worst energy crisis in history.


Duration : 14 min
Director: John Bolton
Genre : Documentaire
Plot : This short documentary follows British Columbia artist Pete Clarkson as he carries out his most ambitious and personal project to date: a memorial to the 2011 Thoku Pacific Coast earthquake. Like many people, Clarkson was deeply affected by this disaster. Years later, as split and shredded wood and other objects began to run aground on the beach of Tofino, British Columbia, disaster struck him again, and inspiration for his monument was born. In Clarkson's hands, the debris of the Thoku area comes to life as he shapes it into a unique public sculpture.

Programm 2

Une île verte

Duration : 25 min
Director : Millefiore Clarkes
Genre : Documentaire
Plot :This short documentary tells the poignant stories of Prince Edward Island's small but growing organic farming community. Known for its potatoes and reddish soil, this predominantly agricultural Maritime province of the Maritimes has seen its rates of cancer and respiratory disease climb to the point of becoming the highest in Canada over the past 50 years as industrial agriculture became entrenched. Is there a link? Rather than focusing on the island's disturbing monoculture practices, Une île verte dares a revolutionary statement: imagine a complete biological shift on the island.


Une main. Une ligne. Un poisson.

Duration : 13 min
Director : Justin Simms
Genre : Documentaire
Plot : Camped in the icy waters surrounding spectacular and picturesque Fogo Island off Newfoundland, Justin Simms' short film One Hand. One line. A fish. follows a group of northern cod fishermen who follow traditional angling. They have a specific objective: to increase the price of fish. The imposition of a 20-year moratorium on the northern cod fishery has helped to restore fish populations. These fishermen are launching a real revolution in sustainability, delivering their luxury products directly to the commercial market for the first time.