Horizon Canada

The Festival organizers have always wanted to show the widest possible panel of Canadian films to the French public. For the second year in a row, the Horizon Canada Distributors Days will allow French distributors to view films that have not yet found their way to the dark theatres in France and to meet the guests who have come to present them. So who knows, perhaps we will soon hear the Quebec accent in cinemas all over France!

This explains why our official selection takes part in th efilm market so the filmmakers or the producers of each movie in competition can present their work to French distributors.



Distributors present for the 5th edition of the festival (Mars 2018) :



Panel Discussion – The impact of canadian cinema #2 / Saturday, March 24th 11am Quai Henri IV

Building on last year’s success, and always in the company of Canadian professionals and filmmakers, this panel discussion will allow you to discover the ways and means by which, and with what assets, Canadian cinema shines in the world. How are the films shown, what is the influence of the USA, what are the spearheads of the filmmakers: these are all themes addressed to make you know this cinema so particular. Finally, you will have the opportunity to participate in the debate by asking questions.