Short films in Brighton

For the second time, the festival will take place in Brighton from the 24th to the 26th of september. We will be proposing  conferences about the history of canadian cinema. The partnership enables people with disabilities to be accompanied in cultural life and to combat social exclusion, visit of the royal pavilion, presentation of a short selection of Canadian animated films from the national office of canadian film ( projections will be at the Komedia). At the end of the projection, a short film Bighton prize will be given to the best short by a jury of Brighton’s celebrities.



Jacob Engelberg

Jacob Engelberg is the Programmer of Eyes Wide Open Cinema, a queer film strand based in Brighton, and the Marketing Manager of the Duke of York’s Picturehouse. He has curated film for the Women Over 50 Film Festival and Trans Pride Brighton. He has an academic background Film Studies with a focus on bisexual representation, critical race theory and animals in cinema. He is currently touring a talk around film festivals in the UK and Ireland entitled “Looking Awry: Representing Bisexual Desires On Screen”. 

Pete West

As Mayor of Brighton & Hove (2016-17), Councillor Pete West was delighted to welcome a delegation from the Dieppe film festival at Brighton Town Hall. In May Pete was officially received by the first deputy Mayor of Dieppe while participating in the Paris to Brighton Charity Cycle Ride. Born to a Canadian mother, Pete is excited by the opportunity to help support and strengthen the city’s economic and cultural ties with France and Canada. A keen photographer, Pete was honoured to welcome the creation of the Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award. Pete once shot a short film and is supportive of up and coming film maker Elliott Hasler – hosting filming in the mayor’s parlour and making his own debut screen appearance.

Mary Jane Walsh

Mary Jane Walsh is a graduate of the universities of Birmingham, Grenoble and Westminster specialising in French and cinema studies. She has worked for the British Council films dept, the production division of the British Film Institute with film makers such as Peter Greenaway, Terence Davies, Derek Jarman, the Edinburgh Film Festival, the cultural service of the French Embassy in London, the UK National Film & Television School and the Screenwriters Studio.  Furthermore she has made a range of documentaries on music and arts subjects, dance and opera for BBC TV, Channel Four Television, WNET/Channel Thirteen (USA).  Most recently she has run the London Program for New York University Tisch School of the Arts training actors, filmmakers and screenwriters.

John  Locke

English character actor recently returned to film after a prolonged absence. Previously produced theatre in London, West End and the provinces. Was responsible, in the 1980s for the development of the first commercial studio theatre in a West End venue; First Floor Theatre at the Westminster: Film work this year includes; Oliver Wilson for Joe Wright in Darkest Hour, Gary for Max Minghella in Teen Spirit, The Favourite for Yorgos Lanthimos, David Harn for Daya Dodds in When Swallows Fly Low and the Professeur des Beaux Arts for Cedric Tanguy and Nicolas Bellenchombre, Last Chance Road.



 The best of the National Film Board of Canada’s animated short films.



Duration : 5 min 48 s

Director : Howie Shia

Plot :  BAM is a story of rage. In a dense inner city haunted by primordial gods, an unassuming young boxer struggles to understand the disturbing consequences of his explosive temper—both inside and outside the ring. While many of Howie Shia’s films (FlutterIce Ages) juxtapose mythological archetypes with modern urbanity, BAM takes a distinctly darker turn: the young boxer’s battles are as heroic as they are tortured, as eternal as they are alienating. Is the violence inside of him a conditioned reaction, an innate reflex, or a divine right? BAM combines a biting urban soundtrack with Shia’s signature hand-drawn, comic book style, mashing up cacophonous drums and grinding electronics with soft brushwork and swift action. Modernity and civility pound against our protagonist’s most primal instincts, revealing a brutal yet poetic portrait of a classical hero floundering in a contemporary world.


54 Heures

Duration : 13 min 34 s

Director : Bruce Alcock, Paton Francis

Plot : 54 Hours is a remarkably vivid account of the 1914 tragedy in which 132 men were stranded on the ice during a severe snowstorm off the coast of Newfoundland. Seventy-eight men froze to death on the ice pack.Survivor testimony, striking archival materials, weather visualizations, inventive animation and puppetry are seamlessly blended to recreate this harrowing ordeal.


Auto Portraits

Duration : 4 min

Director :  Claude Cloutier

Plot : A 1957 Chevy Bel Air performs an ironic take on the American ballad “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be).” The radiator grille morphs into a cajoling pair of lips, crooning the reassuring rhymes, while a spectacularly choreographed choir of cars sings backup. A scathing satire of the power of Big Oil, Carface is musical comedy on a grand scale, with filmmaker and cartoonist Claude Cloutier skewering carefree contemporary attitudes toward the threats to our planet.



Duration : 8 min 18 s

Director :  Matthew Rankin

Plot : New York, 1905. Visionary inventor Nikola Tesla makes one last appeal to J.P. Morgan, his onetime benefactor. Inspired by real events, this electrifying short is a spectacular burst of image and sound that draws as much from the tradition of avant-garde cinema as it does from animated documentary.


Duration : 12 min 57 s

Director :  Chintis Lundgren

Plot : Manivald, a fox, is turning 33. Overeducated, unemployed and generally uninspired, he lives with his overbearing, retired mother and spends his days learning piano while she makes his coffee and washes his socks. It is an easy life, but not a good one. Their unhealthy co-dependence is about to collapse when the washing machine breaks down and Toomas, a sexy and adventurous wolf repairman, arrives to fix it, and them.

I Am Here

Duration : 5 min

Director :  Eoin Duffy

Plot : A mysterious traveller journeys across space and time in search of the origin of the universe, life, and  God. Eventually finding himself alone in the dying light of an aging cosmos, he arrives at a devastating realization. Yet the world continues to spin.



La Montagne de Sgaana

Duration : 10 min 02 s

Director : Christopher Auchter

Plot : As a young fisherman cruises along a rugged shoreline, a tiny mouse in Haida regalia appears and starts to knit a blanket. A story unfolds on the blanket as it grows longer, illustrating the ancient tale of Haida master sea hunter Naa-Naa-Simgat and his beloved, Kuuga Kuns. When a SGaana (the Haida word for “killer whale”) captures the hunter and drags him down into a supernatural world, the courageous Kuuga Kuns sets off to save him.

If i was God

Duration : 8 min

Director : Cordell Barker

Plot : What would you do if you were 12 and suddenly found yourself charged with God-like powers? Would you use them for good? For bad? Perhaps a little of both? For one Grade 7 boy whose mind starts to wander while dissecting a frog in Biology class, the possibilities seem endless: having the power to toy with life and death, to create monsters who can punish those who torment him daily (in particular, Augie, who sits in the back row), and, more importantly, to create that one perfect day with Lily, the love of his 12-year-old life.

Hipster Headdress

Duration : 40 s

Director : Amanda Strong

Plot : JUST DON’T DO IT. An unapologetic confrontation of cultural appropriation and everything that’s wrong with hipsters in headdresses.


J’aime les filles

Duration : 8 min 12 s

Director : Diane Obomsawin

Plot : First love is an intoxicating experience, but with it can come excruciating awkwardness, unrequited emotions, and confusing issues of identity. Charlotte, Mathilde, Marie, and Diane reveal the nitty-gritty about their first loves, sharing funny and intimate tales of one-sided infatuation, mutual attraction, erotic moments, and fumbling attempts at sexual expression. For them, sexual awakening comes hand-in-hand with discovering their desire for other women—and a joyful new self-awareness.

Vaysha l’aveugle

Duration : 8 min 13 s

Director : Theodore Ushev

Plot : Vaysha is not like other young girls; she was born with one green eye and one brown eye. But her odd eyes aren’t the only thing that’s special about her gaze. Her left eye sees only the past. Her right, only the future. Like a terrible curse, Vaysha’s split vision prevents her from living in the present. Blinded by what was and tormented by what will be, she remains trapped between two irreconcilable temporalities. “Blind Vaysha,” they called her.

The Cannonball Woman

Duration : 14 min

Directors : David Toutevoix & Albertine Zullo

Plot: Madeleine the Human Cannonball and her husband are carnies. Their lives, like their show, seem to be perfectly under control. But in reality, Madeleine is unhappy and wants to break out of her routine. Without saying a word, she leaves her husband and becomes the Bearded Lady. Time passes, but their love for each other does not die.